Environmental Monitoring and Audit

During construction phase of a project, many environmental problem likes, air-dust, noise, sewage and solid waste etc, will be arose. Apply EM&A system effectively is a good method to control and minimise those environmental problems.

Our environmental auditing covers identification of sources and characteristics of air emission, noise, effluent, and solid waste; and recommends appropriate procedures for the pollution reduction.

(A+A)*L conducts project-specific environmental monitoring for construction sites and its nearby sensitive receiver. The aim is to obtain baseline environmental conditions information, and to evaluate the impact on the air and water quality, as well as the noise level due to the on-going works. (A+A)*L has the portable equipment for sampling and analysing pollutants. Trigger-Action-Target (TAT) Levels will be devised along with timely, cost effective, and practical solutions to problems through communication with site engineers, contractors and Government works agencies.

Our Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) service covers the following items:

  • monitor the various environmental parameters as required in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report;
  • investigate and audit the Contractors' equipment and work methodologies with respect to pollution control and environmental mitigation, and anticipate environmental issues for proactive action before problem arise;
  • audit and prepare reports on the environmental monitoring data and the site environmental conditions;
    to Contractor, the Consultant and the EPD.



Job Reference

1.  EHS Consultants Limited.   (1998-2000)
Weekly Noise Monitoring for Wan Chai Water Catchment improvement Works.

2. Lam Geotechnics Limited   (2000)
Baseline  Noise and Air Measurement at Penny's Bay (New Disney Land)